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Learn By Doing– The more you learn, the more you want to Learn..


“As students, they retain only 5% of a lecture, 50% of any audio-visual aid and 80% of what they experience by doing”, says a key finding. When we take a look at our education system, we see lecturing as the only predominant method used.

STEAMify have stepped up to offer innovative Activity-based learning that engages young minds in a diverse array of concept connections as integral part of the STEAM education ecosystem. With the vision to democratize learning and demonstrate how all 21st-century skills can be part of maximum classrooms, through our workbooks (both for students/parents & teachers) and AI enabled Android application.

STEAMify iOT enabled Application is designed to support powerful concept based learning for 1-8 grades, which would enable students with smart device control, and never-seen-before collaboration, ushering in a new era of App-based delivery.

AAS (Adaptive Assessment System)

AAS system is been designed with sequence to guide the students toward concept mastery. They drive how the topic adapts feedback and topic sequences in the TOC.

The designed architecture tells the technology how to respond to the  situations like “If ____, then _____”. It can be used to provide needed remediation, share next level topic with excelling students thus answering below questions:

  1. What does the student ‘know’?
  2. What should the student get next?

The AAS will make it easy for teachers to influence & control both structured and adaptive assessment in their context, saving significant time and adding value in reporting and insights.


Partner with Central Square Foundation to create high quality videos that will reach students and teachers all over the country. The content will be hosted on open source platforms such as YouTube, and DIKSHA, the national teacher platform. Given the reach of platforms like YouTube and DIKSHA, which is an MHRD initiative already seeing massive adoption, we expect this content to reach a large number of teachers and students.